Event Tracking

When a company or an individual sends a package to someone that package go through many hops, locations before being delivered. Sender and receiver can track the package using tracking id.

Similarly a transaction in a company for example a bank where a new loan application or money withdrawal transaction goes thorough many data systems before getting fulfilled. These transactions are stored and used by many departments.

To explore or perform business actions based on the paths these transactions take, unique ids are assigned and event trails are explored.

Insight Lake Event Tracking solution enables operations teams in different business units to track, monitor and explore events. Events can be any business activity or transaction. Events are processed in real time, enriched, business rules are applied and stored in SOLR or Elastic Search stores for exploration.


Transactions, activities can be easily converted to event centric form. Event solution provides a customizable model, which gets filled by business applications or systems and posted to real time bus (Kafka) for further processing.


Event tracking solution provides classes and REST API framework, which could be easily embedded to business applications to collect event data. Framework allows applications to post business activities/transactions as events to real time bus.


Event framework allows business applications to select fields, which makes a unique identifier for the event. These unique ids are used to co-relate related events and grouping events.

Complex Event Processing

Event solution allows enrichment of incoming events using master data as well provisioning of business rules. These business rules can look at enriched events data and perform checks, raise alerts and invoke other workflows.


Events are store in SOLR or Elastic search data stores. These stores provide REST APIs, which can be integrated in any application. Event solution also provides an intuitive UI to explore events, alerts and their timelines.


Operations teams can build dashboards on events data by using Insight Lake's dashboard or other solutions like Tableau, Microstrategy, Hue, Kibana etc.
Few of the built in dashboards provided by Event solution are:

  • Event count distribution by day, hour, weekday etc
  • Distribution by source, line of business etc.