Utility companies serve energy, water, and gas to customers every day. The main goal is to utilize resources effectively to make optimal production, and deliver affordable utilities to customers. Energy companies are constantly looking for alternative resources such as solar, wind, water, and bio fuels. They monitor customer usage to predict demand and billing. They collect lot of data and can use the power of data to make them agile, produce the right quantity, reduce waste, and make customers happy.

Big Data can allow them to collect large amount of data from smart meters, smart grids, or sensors in a cost effective manner, and deliver operational and usage insights. They can utilize gained insights for planning, predictable maintenance, and resource delivery.

Better Planning

Smart meter data can help energy companies to detect usage, fraud, and predict maintenance.

Building smart grid allows energy companies to handle fluctuating supply and demand optimally.

Water companies can utilize data insights to perform sewer maintenance ahead of time, prevent flooding, and prevent wastage.

Effective Utilization

Smart meters allow energy companies to collect usage data more frequently from consumers. They can collect meter data to predict demand. They can add seasonality and external data sources like weather to predict accurate demand, to generate optimal output. Trend analysis allows them to invest in future energy generation. Weather, wind, and water tidal data allows them to predict generation of energy from these sources in more reliable manner.

Customer Satisfaction

Utility companies can collect customer billing, utility usage on a daily basis, and social media data to understand customers better. They can recommend utility saving suggestions, and enable customers to protect themselves from unnecessary costs. Make customers aware about environment safety.