Big Data Based Document Repository

Hadoop enables organizations to store variety of data like images, documents, unstructured and structured data.

Organizations often need to store large number of text documents which are manually uploaded or automatically generated. Hadoop's scalable Apache SOLR provides a persistent store to hold documents and allow business users to explore them easily.

InsightLake document repository solution uses Big Data SOLR based persistent store and allows data administrators to use UI for document management.

Users can upload documents manually or using REST APIs. They can attach metadata, tags along with text documents.

Users can search documents using metadata elements or text based content.

Document Types

Users can store following text based documents:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft word
  • Excel
  • Text file
  • Power point presentation

App & Project Based Document Group

Centralized document management allows various data teams to create apps or projects and store documents and make them visible to appropriate users.

Document Search

InsightLake's Document Repository UI allows search of documents using metadata tags, creator, created date, category, and text content.

Access Management

Documents are treated like any other data asset and appropriate user access can be provisioned to :

  • View document
  • Download