Data Project

In companies accounting and finance departments have to work with fiscal period data for filing financial statements or reports. Fiscal periods can be month, quarter or year.

Insight Lake Data Project Solution helps companies easily create and manage fiscal period based data projects using intuitive UI.

During a fiscal period accounting team does the following:

  • Create a team, which will work on financial reporting
  • Prepare documents
  • Clean and map data to reporting blueprints
  • Perform calculations
  • Validate balances & make adjustments
  • Reconcile & detect anomalies
  • Create report & get it approved from project owner/compliance head
  • Generate document & file report
  • Lock reported period for no further changes.

Team Dashboard

Team dashboard helps data project team members to see activities of fellow members. They can see shared documents, which gets stored in Big Data based document store. They can manage their simple to do list. They can see news or announcements related to their financial filing and they can manage their work in progress items easily.

Fiscal Project

Data project owner can setup a fiscal period based project and manage tasks. It can perform following operations:

  • Create project template with tasks and sub tasks
  • Add team members and set permissions
  • Setup data owners and approvers
  • Lock the project when done
Following are the project sub tasks
  • Planing documents published
  • Users provisioned
  • Reference data (Company, Division, Accounts etc) changes
  • Source systems added
  • Data loaded & archived
  • Quality checks performed
  • Data cleansing performed
  • Adjustments performed
  • Data mapped to standard common model
  • Data reconciled
  • Reports created and verified
  • Anomalies detection done
  • Changes approved
  • Reporting done