What is Customer 360?

Companies depend on their customers for business and their success depends on them. It is very important to understand customers, their needs, satisfaction to build long lasting relationship. This drives more business and creates brand value.

To understand customers it is essential to know:

  • Who are the customers, where they come from, what they do
  • How customers interact with the company
  • What is their journey with the company

InsightLake Customer 360 solution enables companies to know and serve their customers well.

Customer 360 Solution

InsightLake Customer 360 solution enables companies to collect all customer interaction data from various touch points. Data could come from sources like:

  • Application information - Customer details like name, gender, age, location, income group, family members etc
  • Products and services customer has purchased
  • Customer care calls, chats
  • Payments, collections, disputes
  • Business process cases
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Activities like emails, comments etc
  • Social data like Facebook likes, Tweets etc.
  • External data like Nielsen's demography data sets

Customer 360 solution also enables companies to collect and track customer attributes like number of customer care calls per month, average spend etc over time and visualize time series.

Solution also provides machine learning models to :

  • Create customer segmentation
  • Prediction of customer attrition, upgrades, new offer acceptance etc.

Benefits of Customer 360

Customer 360 solution could be used by various business departments in a company. It could be used by marketing group to target customers who might accept an offer or optimize a campaign. Customer support team can see interactions to help customer in a better way. Fraud teams can detect change of pattern or fraud. These business units can build machine learning models on top of Customer 360 data sets to predict churn, revenue, new product adoption etc.

Effective Marketing

Marketing teams can leverage customer 360 solution in many ways.

  • Build new campaigns or optimize new ones based on historical analysis of customer interactions with marketing channels/touch points.
  • Build or view dashboard for return on investment
  • Use clustering model to select customers and perform A/B testing

Better Customer support

Call center or customer care team can better serve customers using 360 solution.

  • View customer's interactions, trends and details
  • Route customer based on predicted support context

Customer Retention

Using Customer 360 solution companies can understand their customers in a better way and improve their overall experience. This will drive more customers sticking to company and promote company and brand, which will lead to more business.


Customer 360 solution provides set of dashboards to gain customer insights.
Following dashboards are provided:

  • Timeline of customer interactions
  • Customer attributes
  • Time series of customer interactions and changing attribute values
  • Customer segmentation
  • Touch point analysis
  • Engagement, satisfaction, profitability and sentiment scores

Customer Journey

Customers go through various phases with a company like seeing a marketing ad, talking to a sales rep, purchasing service, making payments, closing accounts etc. It is very important to understand who your customers are and what phase of customer journey they are in and how company can help them in moving along the desired journey.

Customer 360 solution enables companies to build milestones/phases and build customer journey through these phases from interactions.

It provides nice visual dashboards to understand customer journey and allows understanding similar customers who go through the same.

It also allows creation of journey patterns, which could be used to trigger alerts or actions to help or retain customers., detect fraud etc,