About Us

Founded by the team, which launched innovative VC funded startup AppBrick Inc. AppBrick helped publishers to create interactive books and gain reader interaction insights using Big Data platform. The team comprised of industry leading data and security experts, who love to solve big enterprise challenges. Over the last few years, we have worked with organizations in different industries like Finance, Healthcare, Telecom, Education, and Accounting, for solving their Big Data use cases. We worked with Hadoop vendors like Hortonworks, Cloudera, and AWS.

Our active engagement model helped us to build a comprehensive Big Data platform, which enables companies to build their data lake and warehouses quickly. Companies face challenges to manage many Hadoop distributions and technologies, and find it difficult to move from one to other.

To overcome this, we built a metadata based data abstraction layer that allows companies to focus more on their business applications than on underlying technologies. Because of our expertise in security, we introduced data security as a part of the core platform.

Our mission is to enable faster development and to deliver operational excellence in managing enterprise data. We want companies to leverage data to its full potential and empower them to use data for effective decision making. Our team involves people with social media background and we understand value of rapid innovation. With our extensive experience in data intelligence and machine learning, we built generic solutions like Customer 360, Fraud detection, Cyber Security, and so on.

At InsightLake, we are passionate about leveraging latest technologies and solving complex problems in a simple way. We love connecting with our customers and helping them in their data journey. Please feel free to contact us and we would love to help you.