Expose Enterprise Data With Secure REST APIs

Companies share their data assets and services with their partners. Lot of time companies extract data from data sources in files and share them using S3 buckets, SFTP etc. These channels don't provide fine grain access control, comprehensive audit or rate limiting functionality. Enterprises can monetize their data assets more securely by exposing data sets using REST APIs.

As more and more companies leverage Hadoop for data lakes, its important to expose Hadoop based data assets oh HDFS, S3, Hive, SOLR etc securely using APIs. Companies can also build data services on Hadoop and expose as REST APIs.

InsightLake API Service enables organizations to create data centric API services to expose enterprise data securely to their partners.

Integrated Metadata layer over data stores like Hive, SOLR, HDFS etc, data dictionary and security policies enables creation of APIs very easy.

API Service

InsightLake API service allows creation of new APIs. During API creation following information is provided:

  • Name
  • Version
  • Owner - who created the API
  • Data Store - Metadata abstraction over table, file
  • Description
  • Query parameters
  • Logic - Custom logic in Java script

Access Management

Each API user is assigned an API key, which is unique. API user needs to pass the key in each request message. For new partner an account is created and then assigned to APIs. Account contains following details:

  • Name
  • Email - Partner contact email
  • Phone - Partner contact phone

Rate Limiting

Rate limiting feature can be used to control number of API access by the user.

During user assignment maximum number of daily API access is provisioned.

When user go over daily max provisioned access count then additional API requests get denied.


All API access is tracked with audit logs. Audit logs capture following information:

  • User - who accessed
  • API - what got accessed
  • Time - when access was done
  • Location - from where it was accessed
  • Response - Number of records, what was delivered
  • Security - what policies were enforced


InsightLake Security service could be used to create policies to mask, control location based access, deny element level access etc.


API access dashboard allows administrators to see how enterprise data assets are getting accessed by partners. Trends helps understand the demand of features and products.